4th Suspect in Hidalgo Co. Capital Murder Investigation Char

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EDINBURG – A fourth suspect is behind bars for their involvement in a capital murder in Edinburg.

The criminal complaint says a female helped in the kidnapping and killing of Ricardo Moreno and Jose Angel Martinez.

Sandy Lutz Rodriguez, 27, is charged with capital murder for the death of Jose Angel Martinez.

Hidalgo County Sheriff’s investigators found his body parts in a shallow grave in a Mission ranch. They said tattoos and fingerprints helped identify Martinez.

The other victim, Ricardo Moreno, was found alive.

The case stems back from a home invasion and then the disappearance of Martinez and Moreno from their Edinburg home on Mon Mack Road in early November.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra said Lutz Rodriguez was part of the murder from the very beginning.

“Lutz was present during the planning, prior to and during this kidnapping and murder,” he said in a press conference Tuesday morning. “We believe she not only participated in the dismemberment of Jose’s body but that she also assisted in digging the hole and throwing his body into the makeshift grave.”

Authorities said they have surveillance video of a pickup truck leaving the home. They also believe Martinez was dragged behind it.

Three other men have been charged with the murder of Martinez


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