5 On Your Side: School bus driver expresses concern over large tree in Brownsville street

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A tree is causing several issues in a Brownsville neighborhood, with a school bus driver saying it’s a safety hazard for kids on his bus.

The tree towers over on Ringgold Street with branches stretching past the sidewalk and hanging over part of the street. 

“That branch would yank off the top part of my bus," the bus driver, who did not wish to be identified, said. "I worry about not forgetting that those tree branches are there because like I said, I know that if I hit it, kids will be injured." 

The bus driver says he's made numerous reports to the city of Brownsville over the last few months - but nothing's been done. 

The owner of the home the tree is on said he’s seen trucks hit the tree branches and that the city contacted him about cutting the tree - but he can't afford to do it. 

The city said since the tree is on private property, it's the owner's responsibility to take care of it.

However - since the homeowner is disabled and on a tight budget - the city agreed to take it down for them for safety reasons, adding that they’ll send a crew out on Thursday morning.


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