83-Year-Old Brownsville Woman Looking for Long-Lost Daughter

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BROWNSVILLE – A Brownsville mother is hoping to find her two long-lost daughters.

Lupita Bernal said just a few pictures of them as little girls, help keep their memory alive.

"It's been years, but I don't forget about them," she said. "They are always on my mind - always on my mind. A mother never forgets her children."

Bernal said her daughters were taken from her when they were about one year old and two years old.

She said her husband at the time, Carlos Valve, had a relative living in Chicago, Illinois. She believes that's where her daughters were taken.

Bernal tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS her husband left shortly after. She believes he went to be with their daughters.

She had no way of going after them, she adds, and had little choice but to go on with her life. She said she remarried and had another daughter.

But her second husband and her third daughter recently died.

"Well, I would like for them to come, if they would like to come see me and get to know me, and that I’m their mother," Bernal said.

She tells us her daughters are named Maria Lourdes, who she calls Linda, and Irene Valve.

The mother said all she's heard of them this whole time is that they got married, one to a white man and one to a Hispanic man.

Bernal is now 83 years old and suffers from diabetes. She said she's hoping to find her daughters, as well of peace of mind before it's her time to go.

"I've been looking for them for years, not just right now,” Bernal said, “I've been looking to find them for years."

Bernal said the Valve family lived in Brownsville. She never saw them again after her first husband left.

She's hoping someone out there knows something about what happened to her two little girls.


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