Abbott signs dog tether bill into law

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Valley animal advocates are reacting to a new state law that protects dogs, specifically those kept outdoors, signed by Gov. Greg Abbott Monday. 

One element of the new law states dog collars must be made of material specifically designed for a dog's neck. 

Executive Director of Palm Valley Animal Society Donna Casamento says dogs who have been chained up most of their lives end up being one of two things. 

"One, it's so grateful to be off that tether, and they want to be your friend, and they're so happy," she said. "And then you can get others that are angry, that are frustrated."

Casamento says the new law could also help make communities safer, adding that not having a dog on a restraint can prevent them from becoming aggressive. 

Other parts of the new law state that restraints can not be shorter than five times the dog's length. Owners must also provide shelter for the animal in case of inclement weather. 

Watch the video above for the full story. 


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