ACLU sends letter to Valley school districts calling dress code policies "unconstitutional and discriminatory"

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The American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter to hundreds of school districts across Texas asking them to revise dress code polices.

This letter is coming two weeks after a federal judge blocked a Houston area school from enforcing policy that requires only male students to keep their hair short. 

Vance Roberts, a Sharyland Pioneer High School student said he is excited to go back to in-person learning, but doesn't look forward to the dress and grooming codes. 

"If you're a male you have short hair — you don't have it long, you don't have it grown out," Roberts said. 

The American Civil Liberties Union said that these type of rules reinforce traditional gender roles that encourage a non-inclusive society.

ACLU Attorney Brian Klosterboer said one of the reasons many Rio Grande Valley schools were sent this letter was, because of hair and shaving restrictions for men which encourage a gender binary society. 

"It has a really disparate impact on students who are LGBT," Klosterboer said. "A lot of these policies are grounded in sex stereotypes and the idea that you have to conform." 

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