Advocacy groups back Democrats in Texas voting reform battle

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As the ongoing battle over voting reform in Texas pushes on, advocates are weighing in.

Nearly 30 voting advocacy groups gathered in Austin on Tuesday and weighed in on the ongoing battle over voter rights.

Among those speaking out were the ACLU and the Texas Civil Rights Project.

Channel 5 News confirmed Reps. Eddie Lucio III, Bobby Guerra, Armando Martinez and Alex Dominguez made the trek to D.C., where the chair of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus made their position clear. 

“Anybody in the state of Texas who needs to exercise the right to vote should do so freely,” said Chair of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus Rafael Anchia. “We are not going to buckle to the lie in the state of Texas. The big lie that has resulted in anti-democratic legislation.”

In a statement, U.S. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D-McAllen) commended the Texas legislatures who had “the courage to leave their families, homes, jobs and the great state of Texas” to preserve democracy.



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