Aerospace company setting up new shop in Brownsville

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A news aerospace company is setting up shop in one Valley city.

If you live in Brownsville, pretty soon, your next delivery may be dropped off by a drone.

Starting in the fall, Paragon VTOL Aerospace Chief Visionary Officer Dwight Smith says drone aircrafts will begin making deliveries across the city.

“We’re going to start off with small drones for delivery in a system that I call the three M’s,” Smith said. “Meals, mail, and medicine. We’ll deliver, like, light packages to residents, businesses.”

Officials say the drones will take off from a site at the Brownsville-South Padre International Airport.

In the short term, Smith said he expects 30 to 50 new jobs will be created, but the company anticipates hundreds of new opportunities will open by next year in the long run.

Paragon VTOL Aerospace plans to roll out a larger drone that can transport heavy cargo to retail stores.

“We’ll eventually be carrying passengers on board,” Smith said. “But we’re not going to get there until we take our time and do it the right way and get the right permission, permit, and all of that.”

Brownsville Mayor Trey Mendez expects the arrival of this aerospace company to significantly impact the city’s economy in the years to come.


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