Alamo Neighborhood on High Alert Following String of Burglar

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UPDATE (10/26): Alamo police said one suspect is now behind bars. The suspect is not yet charged.

Police are still looking for the other suspect.

The burglaries happened on South Eighth Street. A homeowner caught the suspects on surveillance video.


ALAMO – An Alamo neighborhood is on high alert following a string of burglaries. Police are actively investigating the case.

“I don’t feel safe and this is a second time that this has happened,” said one victim that wished to remain anonymous.

Within the span of a month, this homeowner was hit twice by thieves.

“We were looking for some items here at home and when we couldn’t find them, we came back and looked at our cameras and that’s when we realized that there was people in our property,” said the victim.

This victim caught the alleged suspects hopping over his fence on camera. He invested in the extra security after his home was hit earlier this month.

“We were able to install them on the outside of our house, but it’s not safe right now,” he said.

The suspects made off with several thousand dollars’ worth of electronics and other various items.

“The fact that people can just come into the back of your home and be walking around, looking at your items and take them from hard working people, it’s very scary,” said the victim.

This homeowner isn’t alone; other homes have also fell victim.

“Our neighbor’s home was vandalized, was flipped all over and around. It’s a sad story for him and I feel real bad for him as well,” the victim explained.

Until whoever did this is caught, this homeowner said everyone will be keeping an eye out for each other.

If anyone has any information on this case, Alamo police urge the public to call them at 956-787-1454.


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