Annexed property creating flooding issues in Alton

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A family is caught in between county and city lines following an annexation into the city of Alton. 

Their house is flooded, and while they're technically out in the country, they say property across the street that was annexed by the city is bringing in more flooding.

"If there's any more rain it's going to come into our kitchen," Alicia Garcia said. 

Garcia says despite many attempts to call the city, they haven't been helped. Technically, flooding on Garcia's property is the county's jurisdiction. 

"We've tried calling the city of Alton to barricade that property across the street since it belongs to them," Garcia said. "We've been patient, we've called 9-1-1, and we've been told by the city of Alton that we are not an emergency."

Alton City Manager Jeff Underwood said they've been working on helping many people with flooding issues - and they're also trying to work with the developers across the street. 

“That was the lowest spot out there and all the water used to go to that spot,” Underwood said. “What we're going to talk to the developer about is trying to create some soil to absorb more of that water.”

Channel 5 News also reached out to Hidalgo County's Emergency Management to hear if they plan to get involved. So far we have not heard back.

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