Anonymous Donor Buys Gifts for Hundreds

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MCALLEN – For a decade, an anonymous donor has paid for the gifts for hundreds of children – 2017 was no different.

This year, 2,000 children registered to get gifts through the Salvation Army's Angel Tree Program.

Lt. Bernadette Correa with the Salvation Army is thankful for help from those who volunteer to buy gifts for the children.

Correa said, "We depend on people like this to make Christmas happen for our children."

Parents sign up their children asking for help from others to give their children a Christmas gift.

Volunteers like Rene Huddleston step up year after year. They count on the help from dozens of high school students.

"To see the kids get involved, and to see them buy things for kids who don't have very much," Huddleston explains, "it's a very humbling experience and it puts things in perspective over the holiday season."

Huddleston first started volunteering seven years ago; she helps organize and guide the shopping carts filled with the holiday gifts.

Katie Hinojosa is one of the students volunteering under the guidance of Huddleston. She’s been helping for three years now.

She says, "I love giving people gifts. And I just love that it gives people joy because I love getting gifts."

The anonymous donor gave $25,000 to help purchase the gifts for the 250 children.

She's choosing to remain anonymous to highlight the act of kindness, instead of the person behind it.


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