Authorities Continue Investigating Texas Mass Shooting

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MCALLEN – The Medical Taskforce said speed coupled with preparation are the most important factors in saving lives in mass casualty events.

Danny Ramirez is the Texas Emergency Medical Task Force coordinator for the southernmost 18 counties in Texas.

Ramirez is one of eight such coordinators in the state. At the scene of a disaster, his office can provide a mobile hospital, command center or rehabilitation center among other facilities first responders may request.

The task force also oversees the coordination of the AMBus.

The AmBus is a vital tool for Rio Grande Valley first responders in treating cases of multiple casualty incidents like we saw Sunday in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

The bus is stacked to the brim so first responders can treat patients who are critical or walking wounded.

“It can transport up to 18 patients on backboards or up to 24 walking wounded. The bus can take the place of literally of nine ambulances,” he explained.

Ramirez explained when it comes to transporting those patients to local hospitals, coordination is key.

The office reports the incident in an application called EM Resource. Ramirez told CHANNEL 5 NEWS all local hospitals have private access to the mobile application.

He said once the incident is reported, hospitals begin preparing to receive patients.

“It will pop up in every single emergency room. And that gives them the opportunity to start clearing out emergency discharging patients way before anybody is transported so that they know this is going on somewhere. ‘We might get patients, so let’s start getting ready,’” he said.

Ramirez said the Valley is prepared to handle whatever event may hit.

He also explained his office trains with local first responders several times a year. Working together as a team, he said, is essential in case of an emergency call.


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