Authorities Urge Caution When Crossing the Road

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WESLACO – Authorities advise it’s important to know the rules of the road whether you're a driver or a pedestrian.

Weslaco Police Lieutenant Jose Cano said crossing a roadway is always at your own risk.

"Drivers do have the full right of way on a road marked lane for travel," he said. "They won't be held liable if somebody decides to cross in a place that's not designated for pedestrians."

According to state law, vehicles have the right of way on highways, unless there's a marked crosswalk.

If you choose to cross a road where there is no crosswalk, Cano said it's best to do it when there is no traffic in sight.

He explained vehicles are often traveling faster than you might think.

"It's impossible to tell exactly how fast a car is going and exactly how fast it'll get to you if you decide to cross," Cano said.

He said crossing when it's dark outside is even more dangerous.

"Wear something that's reflective, like a light color before crossing the road," he suggested.

Cano said people could also opt to carry a flashlight with them to be more visible to drivers.


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