Bayview Mayor urges residents to fill out census

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The mayor of Bayview urges his residents to fill out their surveys.

Mayor Gary Paris says the population in Bayview for the 2010 census was 368. But he says those numbers have been going up. He says most of the residents are people who just want to live in a rural area without too much tourism, and who would like to enjoy the resacas while living close to the sea.

Most of the folks at Bayview want to keep it mainly rural. We're in the process of putting together a vision statement for Bayview, and the thing is we do want to push agriculture, we do want to maintain our lot sizes at large lot sizes, we don't want to have a density, a population where it takes away from the rural nature of the town,” says Paris.

And other commercial growth, like future plans of putting the second causeway on the furthest side of Bayview, are also on the horizon once the census funds come in.

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