BBB warns of scammers selling baby formula amid FDA recall

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A recent warning about baby formula has given scammers a chance to target vulnerable parents in the Valley.

After the FDA issued a recall on some baby formulas, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) says the demand for the product caught the attention of scammers.

Valley mom Elizabeth Gonzalez says she found someone selling baby formula on social media, and while she paid for it, she says the product never got to her.

“People are going to start trying to sell formulas on Facebook Marketplace," Hilda Martinez, president of the BBB of South Texas said. "They're going to ask you for personal information. ‘Can you pay me through WhatsApp, Cash App?’ Different apps, the problem is you don't know who you're dealing with [on] the other end.”

Martinez says the best way to buy something from someone you don't know is by meeting up at a safe location. Otherwise, she says, you'll never know when you might be giving your money away.

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