Before you go: What Valley residents need to know ahead of voting

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EDINBURG – Across the Rio Grande Valley, there are nearly 90,000 votes already cast in the March primary election, but officials say that’s only a small number of the registered voters.

Between the Cameron and Hidalgo counties, more than 600,000 people are registered to vote, but as of Friday, unofficial early voting turnout numbers indicate not nearly as many people are actually showing up to vote.

On Tuesday, almost 200 polling locations will be open across the two counties. At those locations, voters will have to identify themselves as either Democrat or Republican before casting their vote.

Identifying with a party is necessary because people are voting for candidates they want to see in the November election.

There are other things voters should know before heading out to vote on Tuesday, including where people are allowed to vote in each county and what not to wear.

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