Better Business Bureau warning the public of summer rental scams

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Scammers are looking to take advantage of people making vacation plans this summer, the Better Business Bureau warns.

Robert Obregon, a program coordinator for the BBB, says the public should be aware of fake ads and renters.

“If all of a sudden you get a real bargain, when you know that other properties that you've seen are going for $1,000 a week or whatever, and this one is only going for $600, that's a red flag,” Obregon stated. “If you decide you're going to do business with any individual in this case, we're talking about a renter, verify who he is what he is, what his connection to the rental property is."

Obregon said these steps should be taken before giving out any money.

For more tips, contact the BBB at 956-969-1804.


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