Better Business Bureau warns people about scams following Uvalde's tragedy

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The Better Business Bureau is reminding people to be aware of scams that are circulating online.

Many people across the Valley are sending their support to the Uvalde community after a tragedy that left 21 people dead last Tuesday, but some families may never see a penny that gets donated due to the amount of scams.

“We recommend that you pay with a major credit card,” Better Business Bureau President of South Texas Region Hilda Martinez said. “Because if you are scammed, it is easier to try and get your money back through a major credit card – not a debit or gift card.”

The first thing people should consider is if the site or organization they are donating to is real or not. Asking for information like a name, address, or phone number can also help verify the person or organization you’re donating to.

Martinez says it might seem like a lot, but it is better to be safe than sorry when donating for a good cause.


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