Biden wins all 4 counties, but officials say there was a rise in Republican voters

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President Donald J. Trump lost the Rio Grande Valley, but far more people supported him — and other Republican candidates — in 2020 compared to 2016.

The shift in Starr County attracted national attention.

In 2016, about 79% of Starr County voters supported Hillary Clinton, according to data published by the Texas Secretary of State's Office.

In 2020, just 52% of Starr County voters supported Joe Biden.

Support for Trump skyrocketed from 19% to 47%.

Starr County GOP Chairman Rosbell G. Barrera said many factors may have contributed to the increased support for Trump.

Barrera adds the factors included support from oilfield workers, who may have been concerned about a ban on fracking and a shift to renewable energy under Biden; the end of straight-ticket voting in Texas, which may have encouraged people to consider each candidate more carefully; and conservative values among Starr County residents.

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