Border Patrol Meets with Law Enforcement to Discuss Community Safety

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WESLACO - Border Patrol met with local law enforcement Tuesday to discuss what Rio Grande Valley communities need amid an immigration increase.

Border Patrol says they’re taking on more migrants than their capacity.

The agency says the number of apprehensions will be 100 percent if what it was last year by 2019.

Chief Rivera with the Weslaco Police Department says Border Patrol is available when Weslaco needs assistance and utilized agents during the June floods.

Border Patrol says they need more than law enforcement officials to help, they need law makers.

“We definitely need assistance from congress in changing some of the policy we have in place and updating our legal framework because right now there's a number of people that are exploiting our immigration laws in continuing to come across claiming either incredible fear or asylum," says RGV Border Patrol Chief Rodolfo Karisch.

Karisch says if the shelters become too overwhelmed, they could release the groups to the streets.

Customs officers are being temporarily reassigned to help agents during the immigration surge.

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