Border Patrol Says Agents Assaulted in 3 Separate Incidents

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WESLACO – Border Patrol says multiple agents in the Rio Grande Valley sector have been assaulted in separate incidents in less than a weeks’ time.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS learned the attacks happened in a three-day span. Two of them, we’re told, happened in just one day.

On Saturday, April 28, an agent assigned to the Sarita checkpoint claims two people who crossed into the country illegally were aggressive and allegedly kicked him in the face.

We’re told both were detained after the brief scuffle.

The second incident happened later that day, but this time near Mission.

The agency says a Honduran national charged at an agent and was combative. He was subsequently arrested.

The most recent incident documented involved one of the tactical divisions, the Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue Team.

A BORSTAR agent was reportedly assaulted by a Mexican national while he worked on a group of six immigrants in the country illegally.

A Border Patrol spokesperson said although agents already receive training on how to respond to these types of incidents, they will continue to encourage agents to stay alert and vigilant. 


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