Border Patrol: Under 50 Caravan Members Crossed through Texas-Mexico Border

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WESLACO – The majority of the migrants in the caravan went to Tijuana but some came into the country through the Texas-Mexico border.  

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol Chief Manuel Padilla confirmed Wednesday that fewer than 50 caravan participants have come through the Valley and Laredo Border Patrol Sectors.

He says that although they're participants, they're considered more like breakaways or stragglers.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection tracks all kinds of information; the caravan is a metric they recently added to their data collection.

Padilla says Border Patrol codes those they detain as caravan participants after asking questions.

"You know, what's their behavior? What are the numbers? Just monitoring that,” he explains. “And one of the things that was very useful for us was if we started seeing people break away from the caravan, then do follow-up work on why are they are breaking away from the caravan, and stuff like that."  

Padilla said they don't expect a caravan surge.

He adds if there are outbursts of violence like the ones seen in Tijuana, they're equipped to take similar steps to control it. That includes use of helmets, shields, chemical agents or tear gas.


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