Border Patrol Wife Speaks on Nancy Pelosi's Border Decision

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LAREDO – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spoke about border security in Laredo on Friday.

Pelosi spoke at one of the international bridges along with Congressman Henry Cuellar and the mayor of Laredo.

The wife of a Laredo Border Patrol agent, Gina Guell, says she hopes to see a border wall soon.

Guell says she’s part of Border Patrol Wives, the group who invited Pelosi to visit the border.

“Why continue to put them in that situation and continue to put them in danger when we could have a wall,” says Guell.

Pelosi has a different view on border security.

She announced her party will move to vote against the president’s declaration of an emergency at the border.

Pelosi says Representative Joaquin Castro will introduce the resolution on Monday.

The speaker says her party intends to vote on the resolution and send it to the senate.

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