Bridge Closure Continues to Impact Business

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RIO HONDO- Businesses continue to suffer following the closure of their popular bridge. The construction started 6 months ago. Many businesses say they are barely staying afloat.

Maria Lucio has own a pizzeria in Rio Hondo for 14 years. It's located right next to the now closed bridge. She says the closure has been affecting us in a big way.

Lucio said they relied a lot on the traffic which passed through the bridge. She predicted sales would take hit but not to this extent.

"We've been losing about 41% of our sales," Luico said.

Since the closure, they've had to make some adjustments to their restaurant all to attract more customers. They've adjusted prices and have a new daily specials menu. Lucio says with the closing of the bridge they lost a good chunk of out of town customers.

"We've been losing some of those customers to because the way they have to go is kind of far away."

While they are able to survive right now, Lucio doesn't think they'll be able to depending on how long the bridge stays closed.

According to The Texas Department of Transportation is the project is expected to be completed by late this summer. Lucio hopes her business will be able to hold out by then.


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