Brownsville Bishop speaks on Melissa Lucio case

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Catholic Diocese of Brownsville Bishop Daniel Flores blessed a Melissa Lucio rally in Brownsville on Saturday.

Last week, the bishop released a statement in support of Lucio, the Valley mother on death row who was convicted of killing her 2-year-old daughter in 2008.

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Lucio’s execution is set for April 27.

Lucio and her legal team continue to raise awareness about the 2020 documentary, “The State of Texas vs. Melissa”, which they say proves Lucio's innocence.  

In his statement, Flores called on the state to halt Lucio's execution. The bishop on Saturday also shared the position of the Catholic church and his own.

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"The Catholic church, the Pope has said it many times, that he is opposed to the application of the death penalty,” Flores said. "I just speak with my own voice as the bishop of the diocese, expressing what the church teaches and also that we need to be compassionate and not just act as people, families aren't involved. Melissa's family continues to suffer. They suffered the loss of Mariah and they're suffering, now, because of the possible loss of Melissa."



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