Brownsville community project is set to bring hundreds of jobs and over 600 new homes

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More than 600 homes will be built in the next few years at the Palo Alto Groves Community in Brownsville. 

The Palo Altos Groves Community is located off Sports Park Boulevard and has over 20 miles of hike and bike trails, soccer fields, basketball courts and more. The goal is to build nearly 100 homes in 2021. 

Shant Samtani, the sales vice president of Esperanza Homes said this project is set bring over 300 jobs to the area. 

"Through road expansion, park expansions, commercial expansions and all sorts of economic expansions, we estimate that there will be over 100 million dollar economic impact to the City of Brownsville," Samtani said. 

In October, the unemployment rate in Brownsville was 10.2%, that is nearly double the unemploment rate in October 2019 — which was at 5.5%, according to data from Cameron County WorkForce Solutions. 

Samtani said the construction is set to begin at the end of the month and so far there is plenty of interest. 

"We just started selling homes on January 9th, this past weekend, and we already have 36 of these lots sold to individuals," Samtani said. "Parks, trails, smart homes that are super energy efficient, internet speed, WiFi in public areas just a really cool, safe, open, free-flowing concept."

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