Brownsville Family Devastated After Blaze Consumes Home

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BROWNSVILLE - A Brownsville woman and her family lost their home due to a grease fire on Thursday.

Brownsville firefighters responded to the home on Austrian Pine at 3 p.m. They said a Brownsville firefighter suffered smoke inhalation and another firefighter sustained first-degree burns. None of those living at the home experienced injuries.

Now, the family is left wondering what they’re going to do next. What wasn’t burned in the house fire was lost due to water damage.

Norma Sanchez said she and her family have lived in their home for eight years. She said they saw their belongings and memories get destroyed in the blaze.

Sanchez recounted the site of the first flames in her kitchen.

“I was cooking some pork meat, it had lard… When I moved the pan, the grease spilled and the grease caught fire,” she said. “The flames started spreading and the furniture in the kitchen started burning. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t extinguish them.”

Brownsville Fire Department Assistant Chief Mario Guerrero said the home was completely engulfed with flames by the time the first unit arrived. The inside of the home was completely destroyed. Only puddles of black water and charred appliances remained at the site.

Sanchez said she’s lucky none of her family members were hurt in the incident. However, she said her 6-year-old son was expecting gifts for Christmas. She said she doesn’t know how that will be possible after the fire.

“He doesn’t know about life… He’s expecting a gift on Christmas. There won’t be one,” she said. “At least I still have them, I have my husband and we are going to pull though this.”

Sanchez said she’s a woman of faith. Although she doesn’t know why this happened to her family, she said they will get through this. 

Anyone who would like to find a way to help the family, you can contact KRGV's Carolina Cruz via her Facebook page or email: carolina@krgv.com


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