Brownsville Family Prepares for Impact of Hurricane Maria in

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BROWNSVILLE – As Hurricane Maria moves in on Puerto Rico, a family from Brownsville is bracing for the storms wrath.

Melva Montemayor-Hausman told CHANNEL 5 NEWS all she and her family can do is wait and hope for the best.

As the storm gets closer, Montemayor-Hausman said they decided to leave their ocean-front home in Palmas Del Mar and move to higher ground. She said they stocked-up on supplies such as water, generators, and batteries.

"What we're more worried about is once the storm hits, what the damage is going to be afterwards. Will we even be able to get back to see our homes?" Montemayor-Hausman said.

Last week, the family endured Irma. Montemayor-Hausman said some people are still dealing with the aftermath of that storm.

"Right outside of our community, 100-year-old trees, these huge trees just pulled straight out from their roots, right out of the ground. They were blocking roads. And as we sit here, there are still parts of San Juan that don't have power," Montemayor-Hausman said.

With some stores there already out of water and some canned goods, Montemayor-Hausman said she hopes the resources will reach the island quickly if it's severely impacted.

"Just keep praying for Puerto Rico," she said.

The Valley native said the community is sticking together, and sharing resources to make sure everyone makes it through a second hurricane.

"Friends (are) offering their garages for your cars, everyone helping everyone. If you were able to find water, people bought water for others," Montemayor-Hausman said. "Everyone has been so helpful and in moments like this. I think that's all you can expect from everyone."

It's a lesson she wants people in the Valley to keep in mind, should a major hurricane head this way. She said Mother Nature should not be underestimated.

Montemayor-Hausman also mentioned residents received a text message Tuesday evening from officials notifying them that the internet and power would be shut off at 7 p.m.

Officials also asked residents on the island to update their voicemail message with their location and time, so they can be found if they go missing.


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