Brownsville Father Receives Laptop from Nonprofit

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BROWNSVILLE – A Brownsville father with disabilities received a gift from a nonprofit organization that will benefit his daughter, especially with her school work.

Last week, CHANNEL 5 NEWS reported Jacob Castro’s story. He said the Brownsville ISD sent out a notice to parents that fifth grade students were going to receive tablets.

Castro said the tablet never came.

After the story aired, he received a call from a nonprofit organization named OP10.33.

“It was really, really good news that my daughter was going to receive…not a tablet but a laptop. And it was even better news. My daughter was super, super excited,” he said.

The organization’s name stands for "land of opportunity by October 2033." Castro said the nonprofit is doing more than just providing the brand new laptop.

“They are going to also help me with internet as well. Yes, internet at home so my daughter can have access to internet at home. It’s going to help her a lot at school,” he said.

Castro said he’s excited to see how the gift will advance his daughter’s education.

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