Brownsville LGBTQ Plus task force reacts to Colorado's mass shooting

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The Brownsville LGBTQ plus task force says they are saddened about the shooting in Colorado, but they feel support for them in the Valley is strong.

Since the creation of the task force in 2019, only 10 incident reports have been filed with them.

It's a low number, but the chairman believes it's because the LGBTQ plus community may not know there is a support system.

"We are very saddened by the news, that this happened," Brownsville LGBTQ Plus task force Bryan Martinez said. "But we also know that the city is behind us."

Martinez reacted to the deadly shooting at Club Q in Colorado that left five people dead. The creation of the Brownsville task force aims to prevent incidents like the one in Colorado. 

"One of the efforts of the Brownsville LGBTQ task force is to collect this data of stories and cases that happened within the community," Martinez said.

Channel 5 News learned that 10 incidents have been reported since the tasks force was formed in 2019. 

Martinez says the reports will allow the task force, city, and police to better understand where discrimination against the LGBTQ Plus community is happening.

"I've felt that I've been the target of some, just because I'm the first openly gay commissioner," Brownsville Precinct 3 Commissioner Roy De Los Santos said. 

De Los Santos says he is also concerned with issues in the youth community.

"I've had reports as recently as this week come to me about the youth in our community who have attempted to put harm on themselves because of the bullying, because of the hate, because of the attacks," De Los Santos said.

De Los Santos says he is working hand in hand with Brownsville police to ensure the LQBTQ Plus community feels safe.

Channel 5 News learned that the police department is working to create an LGBTQ liaison within the department.

That person will be specifically assigned to handle incident reports for the LGBTQ Plus community.

"Anytime we see hate, bullying, discrimination, we need to make it clear. We don't do that here," De Los Santos said.


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