Brownsville man questions $126 spike in utility bill

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Brownsville resident Bladimir Flores tries to stretch every dollar during the winter months. 

Flores, a construction worker, said there isn't much work during the cold months. He was shocked to see a $160 increase in his electric bill for the month of March, he said. 

"The bill is almost $300," Flores said. "They're charging something extra in their favor."

Senior Communications Coordinator for the Brownsville Public Utilities Board Cleiri Quezada said that while the company did see an increase in energy prices during the freeze, customers were not affected. 

"We want to remind customers that our rates did not increase," Quezada said. "No other charges were increased. None of that was passed down to the customer."

However, Quezada said things like space heaters and other factors played a part in more energy consumption.

"When everybody was going through the outage rotation they were still connected a lot," she said. "So when the power was brought back up it was just a surge of energy required for each home."

While Flores said he used appliances when he had power during the freeze, he calls the costs an injustice. 


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