Brownsville police urging the public to avoid the bus station

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The Brownsville Police Department is advising the public to avoid the city’s downtown bus station as Title 42 expires Thursday.

“If you have no reason to be at the bus station, do not go to the bus station," Brownsville police spokesman Martin Sandoval said. “It's gonna be overwhelmed with a lot of people, and it's gonna take more time."

The bus station is where asylum seekers are being dropped off after being processed by U.S. Border Patrol.

The advice comes the same day pandemic-era migration restrictions expire.

The Brownsville Police Department and multiple other law enforcement agencies in Cameron County were spotted near the Gateway International Bridge. According to Sandoval, the agencies are there to deter “aggressive acts” from asylum seekers coming into the country once title 42 expires.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office will be meeting the migrants and directing them to be processed, Sandoval said, adding that CBP has the authority to shut down the bridge.

Sandoval added that police are operating as normal.

“We're still going to all our calls, citizens will still receive the same service they've been receiving before,” Sandoval said.


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