Brownsville veteran receives medals for service in World War II

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A 94-year-old Valley war veteran was honored with two medals for his service to his country on Saturday.

U.S. Air Force veteran, private first-class George Gamboa Junior received the Occupational medal and the Victory medal for his service in World War II.

"You could see his excitement," Gamboa's daughter, Mari Gonzalez, said. "He's proud. He's proud to be an American. He's proud to have served— very proud."

While Gonzalez said her father, a Brownsville native, never talks about his time in the war, she knows he served his country with pride.

She says it's been an emotional week for the family as they reflect on their hero's service and remember the thousands of soldiers who didn't make it home.

Saturday ceremony, hosted by the Hidalgo County Veteran Service Office, honored the sacrificed Gamboa made while remembering those who fought beside him.


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