Business Notices Shift in Demand for Bulletproof Products

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MCALLEN – One McAllen business is working to keep up with a shift in demand.

Black Armor sells bulletproof items that include jackets, vests and backpacks, among other items.

Co-owners Mara Serna and Ricardo Delgado said the idea behind the business was originally targeting people who were hesitant to visit family in Reynosa, Mexico due to cartel violence.

Since opening in early March of this year, they’ve already noticed a change in their top customer.

More parents are seeking their product to keep their children safe while at school.

Serna and Delgado said some of their products, such as the backpacks, don’t even make it to their stand before it's sold out.

“At first everyone thought, ‘Oh well, it's not a basic necessity.’ They viewed it more of a luxury, but unfortunately, society right now is shocked at what's happening. Parents want to give their child some sort of protection,” said Serna.

Each of the bulletproof items is ranged by ballistic protection level.


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