Businesses Decorates Christmas Trees with Flocking Method

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WESLACO - A Rio Grande Valley business said they’ve worked on creating uniquely decorated Christmas trees by using a flocking method.

San Miguel’s Trees in Weslaco has designed colorful products for four years already. Yolanda San Miguel, owner of the business, said she and her mother decided to make

“It was my mom’s idea and she said, ‘Let’s sell Christmas my Christmas trees.’ So, I hopped on it and started looking at different flocking that they had. And that’s when we started to sell Christmas trees,” she said.

San Miguel said she wanted to bring something different to the Valley. She also wants customers to have creative freedom.

“It’s just bringing a little bit of the Christmas spirit back to the Valley. It’s just more personalized,” she said. “It’s a natural tree and you still get to go with your kids and experience picking out a tree.”

The business owner said customers will go and choose from an assortment of colors. She said this season’s color was red. San Miguel said they can even ask for special designs.

“People started being more personalized with their Christmas decorations. So, I thought that would be neat, like blue for the Cowboys… We just started getting all these different colors,” she said.

San Miguel said once the customer decides what color they want, staff sprays the tree down with water. They then begin to mix the color and spray the tree with synthetic material that will stick onto the tree branches.

Customers can pick up their order soon after the process is finished. San Miguel said she loves seeing their reactions.

“We have customers that have been coming since the first year we opened. So, it’s good to see them returning after four years,” she said.

San Miguel said she hopes they can serve more people Valley wide in the upcoming year and make each of their Christmas holiday more special. 


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