Cameron Co. Health Officials to Use Funds to Prepare for Natural Disasters

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LAURELES - The Cameron County Health Department says they received more money to be readily prepared for natural disasters.

Local resident Candelario Briseño says she remembers the damages caused by the 2018 June floods.

"We never thought it was going to happen all of a sudden we got water and it was pretty bad," says Briseño.

He says the café where he works shutdown for four days due to flooded road closures in the area.

Cameron County Health Administrator Esmeralda Guajardo says the county received more than $500,000 to prepare for events of this nature.

She says some of the money will go towards immunizations to protect first responders.

Guajardo says the county is also purchasing generators, commercial refrigerators and other equipment to help keep vaccine supplies viable.

She adds extra personnel will also be hired to help investigate cases of food and waterborne illnesses. 

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