Cameron Co. Man Living by Border Selling Property

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BROWNSVILLE – A piece of river-front property is up for grabs in Cameron County and the owner, outspoken border resident, Rusty Monsees, said he’s had enough.

Monsees said he can’t keep up with the 21-acre property any longer and is searching for a buyer.

Over the years, he’s shared stories about all the ways he’s tried to protect himself and his property.

“This property has always been an area with a lot of crossings,” he said.

From minutemen making camp on his land to blasting music right by the river, after more than 60 years, he’s said he’s had enough.

“By myself living here, at the farm, it’s a problem,” he said.

The land is up for sale. Monsees is battling cancer. He said he doesn’t have the energy to continue a border battle on his property.

“I don’t want to cut down on what time I have left by having to sit in a hospital room or after an operation worrying what’s taking place here at the farm,” he said.

Monsees doesn’t think he’ll have trouble selling. The neighboring property owners are friendly and the land is fertile.

Monsees admitted it’s a unique place to live.

“It has a personality. It really does. And it’s a good personality. It’s a defensive piece of property attitude. You come here and get in that attitude and it’ll kind of snuggle up to you. It’s kind of like a puppy dog,” he said.

Despite all the problems with people and drugs crossing the border illegally, Monsees said it will be hard to leave it behind.

He wants to move somewhere with less maintenance. He said he’s noticed illegal border activity has slowed downed significantly in the last two months. But he doesn’t think it will ever stop.


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