Cameron Co. Man Witnesses Severe Weather Damage

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LAGUNA HEIGHTS – A Cameron County man said several homes sustained extensive roof and fence damage following Monday’s severe weather.

Laguna Heights resident Rambo Barrera lives right off of Highway 100. He said he witnessed a strong spiraling wind pass through his neighborhood and rip the roof of two homes.

Barrera believes what he witnessed was a small tornado. He said it came from near the bay and made its way through several streets leaving damage behind.

“I saw it hit the water and I saw the water going up and going crazy. And I said, ‘Oh, it’s coming this way,’” he said. “All of a sudden, I see it hit these people’s trailer and shingles and the roof paper going all up in pieces, and then I saw it come across these people’s roof. All of a sudden – just flip, like a pancake.”

Barrera said no one was injured.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went looking for the family residing in the trailer but no one was home. 


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