Cameron Co. Officials Addressing Illegal Dumping

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LAGUNA HEIGHTS – Cameron County constables are working to halt illegal dumping in the small town of Laguna Heights.

Residents and officials in the area said the problems started about a year ago.

Dozens of trash piles are scattered throughout one neighborhood. “That has been there almost a year, one year,” Cameron County Constable Pct. 1 Pedro Delgadillo said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS went along with the constable as he investigated the issue.

Some residents nearby have also raised concern about the illegal dumping.

“It looks bad. It does look bad and the streets do need to be cleaned up for the kids, and more now with the heat and… animals,” Flor Lomas said.

Delgadillo said problems are continuing to get worse.

“It’s getting worse, people don’t care they’re just dumping tires and leaving trash all over the places here,” he said.

Anyone caught dumping trash illegally could pay a fine of up to $500 and they would also need to clean up the trash.

So far this month 10 people were cited for illegal dumping.

“They can be fined or they can be arrested. They can go to jail, they can spend time in jail if this is what they want,” Delgadillo said.

The biggest road block in the operation is they are currently only have four deputies.

Delgadillo is asking for the public to get involved.

“If we can get some help to stop this, and we can work together, this can stop,” he said.

Lomas said if the plan will make her neighborhood clean again she will do what she can.

To report illegal dumping depends on where the citizen lives. If their city has a code enforcement department, they would want to go through them. If not, they’ll need to contact their local constables.


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