Cameron Co. Officials Bring Awareness to Hot Car Deaths

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BROWNSVILLE – To draw attention to the dangers of leaving small children, elderly and pets inside a hot car, two people volunteered Tuesday to sit in a car without A/C in Cameron County.

The inside of the car quickly reached 101 degrees. After 20 minutes, the volunteers exited the car soaked in sweat and needing water.

Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz said people who spot a child or pet inside a vehicle should take action immediately without fear of facing charges.

Dr. Kazim Hussain said young children can’t regulate their body temperature because their brains are still developing.

“If they are conscious, definitely, you can give them water. If they are not conscious, don’t try to give them water because it can go into the lungs and they can aspirate,” he advised.

Dr. Hussain said a wet towel could also help lower the body temperature of the person.  

Brownsville Police Chief Orlando Rodriguez said people could face child endangerment charges if they leave children inside a hot vehicle. He said Good Samaritan laws protect those who step in to try to rescue anyone from a hot car.

Cameron County officials said they haven’t had a hot car death since 2014. 


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