Cameron Co. Resident Wants Road Repairs Completed

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SAN BENITO - A San Benito man wants the city to keep their promise of fixing roads in his neighborhood.

Resident Wayne Blackburn said he had been trying to get the roads repaired for several years.

After his first call, we reached out to the city of San Benito. They said they would make the necessary repairs after rainy conditions ended.

“There are still potholes there so no they have not fixed it. They’re getting worse. In fact, Whalen Street – we have lived there 18 years and Whalen Street is the same today as it was 18 years ago, but now it’s getting worse.”

We reached out to the city for a second time to know why repairs haven’t been made. They sent us a statement in which it says only minor repairs can be made until shallow gas lines are moved.

Blackburn said he’s been hearing that excuse for years.

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