Cameron County DA responds to viral social media post warning SPI visitors of motorcycle clubs

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A viral social media post claiming rival motorcycle clubs could be causing trouble at South Padre Island this weekend is putting visitors on high alert.

Local law enforcement, however, say there’s no need to worry.

A social media post titled “Panic at South Padre Island” warns of potential violence as  members of the Mongols Motorcycle Club make their way across the causeway for a conference.

Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz said around 300 members are expected this weekend.

"The island in the past has hosted the motorcycle festival so they're used to that,” Saenz said. “And as you know the Island in the past has hosted spring break which they host 150,000 kids on any given weekend."

Saenz said an increased law enforcement presence is being coordinated between his office and several agencies –just like any event at the island 

“Their leadership is also very aware that law enforcement will be out there,” Saenz said. “Even though they're welcome to the Island like anybody else we expect them like anybody else - to comport and follow the law."

Although the two clubs crossing paths led to two deaths at an Edinburg strip club on Valentine's Day, Saenz says he doesn't expect anything like that to happen this time around.

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"They're coming for a business type environment and they know it,” Saenz said. “And they themselves feel very good about policing themselves. They have a sergeant-at-arms who's very powerful and who does a lot to hold their members within the law and we expect them to do that."



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