Cameron County officials cautiously optimistic as number of new coronavirus cases drops

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As the number of new coronavirus cases drops, Cameron County officials are cautiously optimistic — but they're not letting their guard down.

During the past 14 days, Cameron County averaged just 63 new cases of COVID-19 per day.

That's well below the summer peak, when Cameron County sometimes reported hundreds of new cases per day, and below the county's goal of 100 or fewer cases per day.

Dr. James Castillo, the Cameron County health authority, said the low number of new cases allows officials to start planning for the resumption of in-person classes.

Castillo, though, warned Cameron County residents not to let their guard down.

"The second spike happens when people let their guard down," Castillo said. "So when we stop wearing masks, when we go back to normal, that's when we'll have a second spike."

Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño Jr. said he feels comfortable with classrooms reopening as long as they follow U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

"We're not out of this," Treviño said. "We're in better shape than we were a month ago."

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