CBP Continues to Prepare for Migrant Caravan at RGV Ports of Entry

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HIDALGO – U.S. Customs and Border Protection continues to prepare at ports of entry for the possible arrival of the migrants caravan.

A new proclamation intends to restrict asylum seekers to ports of entry only.

A CHANNEL 5 NEWS crew toured the International Bridge in Hidalgo to see how CBP is preparing.

The tour also provided insight into how asylum seekers are processed.

“This is not an appropriate place to hold people for a day, two days, overnight for that matter. It was never built or designed for that. So our processing capacity is totally dependent on [ICE's Enforcement and Removal Operations] being able to accept or receive these people as we process them,” says CBP director David Higgerson.

KRGV’s Valerie Gonzalez explains why asylum seekers face lengthy processing.

Watch the video above for more information.


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