CBP: Jersey Barriers to Help Improve Traffic Flow at Brownsville Int'l Bridge

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BROWNSVILLE – A Rio Grande Valley man says the drive back and forth from Mexico is a part of his daily life, and can be grueling.

Martin Guerrero from Brownsville says it is never east to know how long the line at the Veterans International Bridge will be and how much time he will lose.

"It depends, right now it could be twenty minutes, but sometimes, it's an hour or more," says Guerrero.

He says he wishes something could be done to speed up the process.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to Customs and Border Protection about a new program to take away some commuter concerns.

A spokesman for CBP, Elias Rodriguez, says they are taking steps to make sure things run more efficiently at the Brownsville port-of-entry.

Rodriguez says that crews are working on installing jersey barriers.

The barriers will separate the lanes and keep drivers in the proper lane.

The barriers will also set an easy course for drivers with a SENTRI card, allowing for approved frequent travelers to have front of the line privileges.

"We believe that these barriers will assist our travelers in determining which the correct lane for them to enter is. Our trusted traveler participants or SENTRI participants will have an easier time coming in, through directly from Mexico into the United States, by choosing the correct lane,” says Rodriguez.

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