CBP to launch new DNA Collection Program by end of 2020

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A pilot program for The DNA Collection Program was created this year for individuals who are arrested, facing criminal charges, and from non U.S. citizens who cross the border. 

"The pilot programs that began in January have provided the information CBP needed to successfully meet its legal requirements for nationwide collection," According to the CBP website. "CBP has rolled out the collection program more broadly in monthly phases and will reach full operation by December 31, 2020." 

The ACLU said CBP has had a lack of transparency, because it is still unknown why immigration officials are collecting this personal information. 

"We should be very concerned about the government collecting DNA information on large swaths of people that could be used in all sorts of ways that undercut our constitutional rights," ACLU Attorney Shaw Drake said.

The lawyers spoken to in this interview told Channel 5 News that they haven't seen a plan to eliminate this program under the Biden Administration. 

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