Cell Phone Search Leads to Child Pornography Arrest

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BROWNSVILLE – A cellphone search at an international bridge in Brownsville led to the arrest of one man accused of having child pornography.

A criminal complaint says Gustavo Eduardo Diaz-Vasquez was crossing the border from Mexico into the U.S.

After his initial encounter with a Customs and Border Protection officer, he was directed to a secondary inspection.

The complaint says authorities found several pictures of what appeared to be a nude female minor on his phone. It also states that in an interview, Diaz admitted to downloading the photos.

Diaz now remains in custody.

His trial is pending.

Over the past several months, CHANNEL 5 NEWS told you about the government’s increased interest and legal authority to search phones at the border.

One of the reasons they’ve started doing this is to find people with links to terrorism and those in possession of child porn.


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