Change in Immigration Process Affects Those Applying for Green Cards

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WESLACO – Changes are in place for an immigration process which affects many who are applying for green cards.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services changed some deadlines affecting form I-693, the report for medical examination and vaccination record.

The form is used by the office to determine if an applicant cannot be admitted based on health-related grounds.  

“The way it is now is you have a whole year from the time you submit your benefits to submit that I-693. And then it's good for another year. You're always good for two years, but now we're asking that you submit it earlier, within 60 days of your benefits, so now it's good for two years, all at once,” says USCIS Public Affairs Officer Arwen FitzGerald.

For a list of where you can find civil surgeons, you can visit the USCIS website.  

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