Changes underway as Weslaco residents vote for Propositions A, B and C

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Weslaco voters overwhelmingly approved three charter amendments on Tuesday.

Proposition A, Proposition B and Proposition C all passed with more than 77% of the vote.

The charter amendments will change how the city works.

Proposition A will switch the City Commission from a mayor and six commissioners who represent districts to a mayor, two at-large commissioners and four commissioners who represent districts.

Proposition B will extend City Commission terms from three years to four years.

Proposition C will limit elected officials to 12 consecutive years on the City Commission, unless the 12th year falls in the middle of a term.

If that happens, the elected official will be allowed to serve the remainder of his or her term.

District 3 Weslaco City Commissioner JP Rodriguez said they are planning how and when the new changes will take effect. 

"That's something that we're looking into on having either the workshops to the meetings with city staff and probably some consultants on how we're going to work all that out," Rodriguez said.  

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