Cities to Launch Study for Construction, Expansion of Bridge

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MADERO – Several Rio Grande Valley city officials are considering the idea of building another international bridge specifically for trucks.

The city of McAllen will spend nearly three-quarters of $1 million taxpayer money to find out if and where it’s needed.

It would be called Madero Bridge, and could be built near the town of Madero, south of Mission.

The small town’s residents said they remember when the roads were made of caliche. Marth Barth said the neighborhood can still use some maintenance.

“Just repairing roads, you know, putting up some new lights,” he said.

The cities of McAllen, Mission and Hidalgo already share the Hidalgo and Anzalduas bridges.

While the Hidalgo bridge takes passenger cars, the Anzalduas bridge takes passenger cars and empty southbound tractor trailers only.

McAllen city manager Roy Rodriguez said a feasibility study will answer whether to expand Anzalduas or build one in Madero.

“Before we put in any infrastructure on Anzalduas, we really wanted to know the answer to this Madero question,” he said.

The city manager said the Pharr commercial crossing is backing up.

“The number of trucks is going to grow, and we feel that if we do not construct the proper infrastructure at Anzalduas and/or Madero, companies are going to leave the area,” he said.

Madero residents said they just hope the urgency of this study won’t mean their needs will be ignored. 


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