Citizens react to proposed ordinance to regulate pop-up markets in McAllen

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As a small business owner, Monica Cavazos says she got her start going to pop-up markets.

Her store, Weekend Warrior TX, is a hybrid online shop and travel trailer boutique.

"There's no better place to meet your customers in person, talk about your products and get to touch them, feel them,” Cavazos said. “And people like to do that, too."

But not everyone is happy about pop-up markets.

"We've had a lot of pop-up events on Main Street and they've caused a lot of congestion and traffic," McAllen resident Jack Edwards said. 

McAllen city leaders are working to pass an ordinance that would put limitations on pop-up markets by not allowing businesses to use their parking lots for vendor space.

“I like the idea of not using the parking lot for the vendors,” Edwards said. “So if you do that then they're not going to have any vendors because there's no place to put them."

Cavazos spoke out against the proposed ordinance.

"We want to be a progressive city,” she said. “We have 17th Street, we have all these cool restaurants and upcoming businesses, but putting these restrictions doesn't allow us to fully get there."

Businesses like Southern Roots on Main Street don't have a lot of parking to begin with, but owner Mariana Linaldi says she's found a way to address the issue on market days and hopes the city can too.

Other ordinance considerations include requiring a permit that would cost $100 and would require the approval of different departments.

“How big is the red tape now going to be to be able to get these permits?” Linaldi asked. “We're not just paying more, but it is more difficult now."


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